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The Fruit of Our Hands Life Coaching Program

We Equip, Inspire, and Encourage One Individual at a Time

Coaching Youth and Adults

Youth: Coaching teaches, empowers, and helps youth navigate through the unpredictability of growth stages and sets them up for success in their adulthood. Today there is a myriad of challenges that face our youth. They look for validation oftentimes in social media. In their quest for validation, they encounter possibilities of rejection, bullying, and harassment to name a few. Coaching provides time-tested tools and resources to handle and overcome these issues.

Adults: Adulting is a phrase coined by Millenials to admit that sometimes life is difficult. In coaching adults, our approach is to draw upon the victories of the past to remind you that you can be victorious again. By having a support system you will be encouraged, inspired, and held accountable. This will set you on your way to the highest version of “adulting” possible for you.

Quality of Life Improvement Coaching: Together we set the stage for you living your best life with tactics and steps that will improve your decision-making processes, stress management, self-care prioritization, productivity tips, and much more.

Educational Coaching: Personalized, one-to-one meeting to help you improve your skills and performance by developing skills in time management, goal setting, and test preparation.

Motivation/Inspiration Coaching: We help fuel the “fire” for great performances, outstanding victories, persistence, perseverance, determination and drive. In addition, we provide you tools and resources that will help you stay positive while working on your goals. We help you go through challenges by offering encouragement to keep you on track.

Identifying and Managing Emotional Triggers Coaching: We help you recognize triggers and offer solutions on how to best manage them.

Faith-based Coaching: We partner with you in discovering God’s best for you. You will receive practical ways to spiritually connect with yourself on a deeper level. As a result, you will improve your ability to connect better with others.

Wellness Coaching: We bridge the gap between traditional healthcare and holistic health and wellness. We help you identify the things that create blockages to weight loss, low energy, and stress. Our focus is not a quick fix. Instead, we dive into long-lasting positive behavioral lifestyle changes.






Single sessions are typically used for a very specific and immediate results (for example: getting yourself together to move forward in an immediate goal for your life)




Includes: Free 30-minute Planning Session and Individualized Plan.




Includes: Free 30-minute Planning Session and Individualized Plan