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Volunteers are the heartbeat of The Fruit Of Our Hands Ministries. We need “extra hands”, pun intended to successfully accomplish our mission of meeting the physical, mental and emotional needs of our community. Our volunteers see to it that healthy food is sorted in our pantry for distribution, they set up our counseling/coaching sessions, maintain the continuity of our services, and much more! They are the behind-the-scenes heroes and sheroes that make everything operate on a daily basis. We are extremely grateful and thankful for their help. We literally could not and shudder at the thought of trying to do “this” without them.

As effective and efficient as they are we need your help. I share this because our purpose is both expanding and deepening. With this, we recognize that we need to expand the level and aptitude of the volunteers that we presently are blessed to have. We’re excited to offer new and refined services that require a new set of skill sets.

The funny thing about volunteerism is that sometimes because skill-sets or traits are not specifically identified the prospective volunteer can’t imagine themselves being able to offer anything of value. So, let us know what you are interested in. What you feel drawn to. Chances are we have a need for it. Or, as we expand we may have a need for your specific area of expertise in the near future. We’ve even added services based upon volunteers offering their mastery to our community.

Feel comfortable filling out the form and submitting it to us. We’d love to hear from you and have you join our family.

Volunteer Form