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Restoring Hope: The Power Of One Conversation

The Fruit Of Our Hands Ministries understands the power of one meaningful conversation. Too often we look at the BIG picture. While this is both necessary and important, there is also a long-term benefit in breaking things down into bite-size pieces. A popular quote/question attributed to self-improvement guru, Brian Tracy is: How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Let’s expand that thought in the light of receiving the desired outcome by one interaction. Imagine. One right word at the right time can change your life. There was a compilation storybook titled, The Right Word At The Right Time spearheaded by Marlo Thomas. In one conversation, one book, one encounter your entire perspective can shift. 

Full disclosure, I’ve had the pleasure of watching dancing eyes filled with hope exiting a confidential consultation. It’s a consistent look of relief, expectancy, empowerment, and resoluteness. You know the look. It’s the look of a mom who rediscovers her lost self. Or, perhaps, it’s the look of a retired wife and mother that excelled in her vocation and is struggling to feel viable. Then as she is debriefing her experience in the communal area you can see the sparks of light permeate her face. Or the gentleman that envisioned his life going in one direction only to be blindsided by his employer. Feeling helpless and hopeless he reaches out to The Fruit Of Our Hands Ministries and is now empowered to bet on himself. Then there is the woman who believed and internalized virtually all the negative words spoken over her and to her about why she couldn’t make a positive outlook. Well, thanks to both Mental and Behavioral Counseling and Quality of Life Improvement Coaching, she is well on her way to victory. The best part is that the victory she is experiencing has inspired her to impart victory and hope to others. 

The Bible says Hope deferred makes the heart sick. However, the second part of that passage says that when the desire comes it’s like a life-giving tree. Many become weak and weary while on the journey to accomplishment. These are the times when you need someone to bounce ideas off of, seek wisdom and learn your next best steps. Through the portals of counseling and coaching, you’re investing in yourself to walk out of hopelessness to hopefulness. The first step you’ll need to take to hopefulness is to fill out this form and submit it:

Or, you can feel comfortable calling us to schedule your confidential initial consultation here: 951-289-8908.

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