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Mourning + Grief

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Let’s talk about what we should talk about: Mourning + Grief. Although this is a natural occurrence, it’s still a touchy subject. Having now experienced both mourning and grief, I get it! describes mourning as:
verb (used without object)
to feel or express sorrow or grief.
to grieve or lament for the dead.
to show the conventional or usual signs of sorrow over a person’s death.
verb (used with object)
to feel or express sorrow or grief over (misfortune, loss, or anything regretted); deplore.
to grieve or lament over (the dead).
to utter in a sorrowful manner.

Ironically, they use the terms interchangeably. Suffice it to say, when you’re going through it, in the midst of it it can be tough. The length of time and experience is compounded when you do not have an adequate support system. In reflecting upon this I expanded my thought and realized that The Fruit Of Our Hands Ministries is a support system for you to get through, around, over, endure and become victorious in spite of bouts and stages of mourning and grief! In the most challenging times is when we lean toward isolation. Isolation feeds upon more isolation which can make the individual feel alone and helpless. Having someone to speak to and get things off of your chest and mind frees up space for victories. It also is not lost on me that displays these states both attached to objects and not.

One day recently it felt like death announcements were coming through traditional news portals, social media and news feeds in rapid succession. Although the individuals mentioned are celebrated, it was a reminder of how the notification of death, loss, or misfortune can spark negative and melancholy emotions. Watching those close to these individuals emotionally express their grief can be uncomfortable. Watching someone else cry is similar to when someone yawns and you find yourself yawning. Vicariously experiencing their expression of loss can oftentimes cause your mind to drift back to your experiences of loss. Let’s face it sometimes it is difficult to go through things with your own grit. In those times when you need support, The Fruit Of Our Hands Ministries is a resource to get you through to the other side of pain and discomfort. They will remind you that you are not alone. If you are in the middle of tackling an uncomfortable level of grief make a phone call today to get things in motion to change your state of mind. Call 951-289-9808 to begin your journey of feeling and being better!

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